Avocado Bagel Toast
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Avocado Bagel Toast and Mimosas

Avocado Toast has become a super popular breakfast/brunch item. In concept it is super simple, but in reality it allows you to really mix up your breakfast. The basics are obvious, some form of toasted bread and avocado. I found that mashed avocado is really essential to allow you to properly spread it.

Bagels are easily one of my favorite breakfast foods. Growing up, my family would sometimes go out to grab bagels from a shop and it was family bonding time. Now that I am grown, I find bagels are a quick, easy breakfast that is good for a grab and go breakfast on my way to work. Rob also is a bagel fan, but we have very different preferences. He likes honey-wheat or plain, and if he can find them chocolate chip are his absolute favorite. Personally, I like a sesame or, even better, an everything bagel. They are slightly salty and have a lot of flavor themselves.

Avocado Bagel Toast
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Whatever toast you use, avocado toast is really about the toppings. I mixed some What’s Gaby Cooking Everything Bagel Seasoning with the avocado to give it some more flavor. With that we used some green onion, brie, and honey. We ate it with some bacon for protein and the result was a well balanced breakfast.

You could also use a breakfast sausage patty or an egg for protein. We don’t typically eat egg much since Rob finds they do not sit well with him, but it is definitely a perfect topping. Another interesting twist would be to go for a lox/chive topping. This would be perfect for a bagel toast, like the brunch classic only elevated.


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Mimosas, so simple! Orange Juice and Sparkling Wine

For a classic brunch, serve your toast with a classic Mimosa. The mimosa is a very simple cocktail that is prime for personal variations. At its core, it is just orange juice topped with sparkling wine. They are perfect as you can vary the amount of wine that goes in, what juice you use, and the type of wine. What’s also great is that they are no fuss, everyone can make their own and you don’t need a boat load of ingredients like some cocktails.

I like a little bit of pomegranate or blood orange juice to give it some visual impact while maintaining that slightly sweet but tart taste. Pomegranate seed are especially fun as champagne bubbles form off of them really well and it can add that extra something.


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