• bruschetta

    Classic Bruschetta

    One of my favorite appetizers has got to be Bruschetta. It’s super easy and hard to dislike because of the simplicity. I also love that it has a bright, fresh flavor; you can eat a lot of it and not really feel all that full. Generally, I stick to a pretty classic recipe, but every so often I will do something to mix it up. Variations for me tend to come from using a flavored balsamic or olive oil to give it a subtle pop of flavor. To me, bruschetta is an awesome party food. It requires minimal prep work and if you want you can just do a self-serve…

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Buffalo Chicken Dip

      Buffalo Chicken Dip is a staple at my family’s parties.  I do not think I can remember a party that this didn’t make an appearance before dinner, from holidays to birthdays and game watches.  I love this because its super easy, can be made ahead, and reheats really well. The original recipe for this buffalo chicken dip involved canned chicken meat, but I have started substituting shredded rotisserie chicken for the canned stuff.  Honestly, I find that it adds a bit more flavor and just less processed than the can. The other great this about the dip is that the spiciness is totally adjustable.    Want it mild? Go…

  • Meatballs
    Appetizer,  Dinner

    Classic Meatballs

    Surprising for having an Italian background, Rob didn’t really grow up eating meatballs.  The benefit for me is that I can really experiment with different meatball flavors and meat combinations.  I know a lot of people who have a family recipe that changing any aspect of would result in effectively disownment. The fun thing with meatballs is that they can serve multiple roles.  They can be an easy appetizer like you would see in Italy or over pasta in the classic American style.  Fun fact: spaghetti and meatballs is an American creation that you won’t find it in Italy where meatballs are a stand alone item, often in very large…

  • Cheesesteak egg rolls

    Cheesesteak Egg Rolls

    I am definitely a Philly girl at heart, so a cheesesteak is something that I love.  That being said, I am not always in the mood for a full-size cheesesteak.  I also sometimes want to share with other or need to entertain a crowd.  Enter the Cheesesteak Egg Roll.  It may not be fancy but they are fun, easy, and delicious. I made my egg rolls in a very classic cheesesteak style: meat, cheese, and onions.  That’s it.  I have seen so many places outside of Philly try to add a bunch of other ingredients like lettuce or tomato.  I am sorry, but NO!  A cheesesteak is a simple thing…

  • Grilled Pizza Flatbreads

    Grilled Pizza Flatbreads

    Grilled pizza flatbreads are the perfect way to make pizza on a hot summer day.  The only time I used the oven for the recipe below was to make the crust.  After the crust was finished, all you need to do is add your toppings.  Grilled pizza is so versatile, I have made it using the recipe below but I have also made it by using a variety of ingredients.  It is a great way to repurpose leftovers; like one I made with pulled pork topped with corn salad that was leftover from dinner earlier in the week.   Flatbread are also perfect for a weeknight meal but also for appetizers…

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