• Avocado Bagel Toast
    Breakfast,  Cocktails

    Avocado Bagel Toast and Mimosas

    Avocado Toast has become a super popular breakfast/brunch item. In concept it is super simple, but in reality it allows you to really mix up your breakfast. The basics are obvious, some form of toasted bread and avocado. I found that mashed avocado is really essential to allow you to properly spread it. Bagels are easily one of my favorite breakfast foods. Growing up, my family would sometimes go out to grab bagels from a shop and it was family bonding time. Now that I am grown, I find bagels are a quick, easy breakfast that is good for a grab and go breakfast on my way to work. Rob…

  • French Toast

    Classic French Toast

    French toast is easily one of my favorite hot breakfast options. It tends to be a bit of a weekend treat for me though since it takes some effort to make and really is best hot. I have seen so many different approaches to making french toast but in the end it really comes down fried bread coated in an egg wash. Since Rob and I had some time off for the New Year’s holiday we decided to spend a little more effort on breakfast this weekend. When working on developing my technique, I looked at some recipes from various big name chefs, lets just say they varied heavily in…