• Old Fashioned Whiskey Sour

    Masterpiece Cocktail: Tarragon-Orange Old Fashioned Sour

    As always, cocktails are brought to you by my husband, Rob. I have mentioned my love of Bourbon cocktails on here before. Typically, I like a classic whiskey sour, but we didn’t quite have the right ingredients. So, Rob improvised a little bit and we ended up with an interesting cross between a Sour and an Old Fashioned. A tart cocktail is my ideal and Rob has occasionally made them too sweet. We had some oranges in our fridge that Rob used, but oranges tend to be sweeter than other citrus. So, I asked Rob to go easy on the simple syrup. Rob also remembered we had some Aromatic bitters…

  • Chorizo Skillet Nachos
    Cocktails,  Dinner

    Chorizo Skillet Nachos

    I love nachos, I mean who doesn’t, its chips with cheese and meat! I’ve found recently that I love using Chorizo sausage for the meat. It tastes awesome while having the perk of not really needing a lot of extra ingredients to add flavor. Chorizo has all the spice it needs and I typically just add a few ingredients to round out the dish. My go to add ins for chorizo nachos are yellow onion, diced tomato, charred poblano pepper, and grilled corn. The texture and flavors don’t try to compete with the chorizo but complement it perfectly. The benefit to all of these ingredients except for the poblano is…

  • Avocado Bagel Toast
    Breakfast,  Cocktails

    Avocado Bagel Toast and Mimosas

    Avocado Toast has become a super popular breakfast/brunch item. In concept it is super simple, but in reality it allows you to really mix up your breakfast. The basics are obvious, some form of toasted bread and avocado. I found that mashed avocado is really essential to allow you to properly spread it. Bagels are easily one of my favorite breakfast foods. Growing up, my family would sometimes go out to grab bagels from a shop and it was family bonding time. Now that I am grown, I find bagels are a quick, easy breakfast that is good for a grab and go breakfast on my way to work. Rob…

  • French 75 95

    Masterpiece Cocktail: French 75/95

    For New Years Eve, Rob decided to make a true classic cocktail in two different versions!! The French 75 is a true classic and is named after a French artillery piece as the rumor goes. These have the feel of classic dinner parties, Downton Abbey, or swanky New York/Paris/London clubs. There are a large number of versions of this cocktail that can be made, using all sorts of different citrus or liquors. Another version that we have made, the French 76, uses vodka as the liquor. To really mix it up, you could also use something Chambourd or other fruit liquor to give it a colorful twist. Its super easy…

  • whiskey sour

    Masterpiece Cocktail: Pomegranate-Rosemary Whiskey Sour

    Whiskey Sours are my absolute favorite cocktail and I have Ina Garten to thank for that. She had a special where she was in Paris and had one at a fancy hotel bar. So, I had Rob, who happens to be an excellent home bartender, make me one and I was hooked. We have made a few variations over the years and the base recipe has served well for experimenting. Its fun posting one of Rob’s cocktail creations on the blog again though. A few years ago when we were first starting off with trying a blog, he had been doing some cocktails for the blog. He did a series…