• gnocchi bolognese
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    Homemade Gnocchi with Bolognese

    Making Gnocchi was pretty intimidating, almost more than pasta. Part of the problem with it is that you effectively need to start by making mashed potatoes. Once you get through all of that its actually pretty straight forward just a bit labor intensive. Now that we have done it once, it will go a lot smoother and I may even consider some tools to make the process easier. I used my Instant Pot to cook the potatoes since it was pretty straight forward to steam them that way. Steaming has become my default potato cooking method if they aren’t roasted/baked. I find that boiling them makes them too soggy. So…

  • Chicken Platter
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    Dijon-Tarragon Roast Chicken Platter

    If there is anything I have in common with Ina Garten, its a love for roast chicken. It’s easy, tasty, and allows for near infinite variation. As a side benefit, roast chicken can be an easy weeknight meal for the family or romantic date night special. Normally, I do a pretty basic butter-herb mixture to spread over the chicken, but I wanted to mix that up a bit for this meal. I also was looking to have a complete meal where the core flavors were tied into all of the dishes. So, I ended up with a Dijon-Tarragon Roast Chicken along side Tarragon Mashed Potatoes and Charred Brussels Sprouts in…

  • Instant Pot Pulled Pork
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    Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Pork

    This BBQ Pulled Pork was the first thing we made when we brought our Instant Pot home. We figured this would be a good test of the features we were most hoping to take advantage of. So we picked up some pork shoulder and threw together a quick recipe to test it out. I have to say, the Instant Pot validated itself pretty quickly with this one. What normally takes all day in a slow cooker took about an hour and a half start to finish! One perk: the pot really kept all of the flavor and aroma trapped in the pot when pressure cooking. While you may miss out…

  • Instant Pot Beef Barley Soup
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    Instant Pot Beef and Barley Soup

    Beef and Barley Soup is awesomely hearty and perfect for a cold day or when you are feeling a little under the weather and need a pick-me-up. To add to the heartiness, I made this version with a bit of a unique set of ingredients in my experience. I used Yukon Gold potatoes to give it a that rustic feel that made me think of pot pie. Rob also absolutely hates celery in any form, so I replaced it with leeks which has really become one of my favorite new ingredients. One lesson I learned while working on this recipe is how to handle the barley. I was initially unsure…

  • beef and broccoli trader joes
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    Beef and Broccoli Rice Bowl

    This Beef and Broccoli recipe was effectively an accident based on a seeming random assortment of groceries we bought at Trader Joe’s. We were planning to have something else for dinner that didn’t really work out. Thanks to Rob picking up a few ingredients, that I initially questioned, I ended up creating one of the best Asian-inspired meals I have made. Also a first for us, we used our new Instant Pot as a rice cooker and it worked out PERFECTLY. The rice was sticky and perfectly soft.  Plus, it completely eliminated the problem we sometimes have stovetop of getting that hot spot on the bottom. So to the backstory…

  • Instant Pot Risotto
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    Instant Pot Risotto

    Alright, I have to backtrack on some previous statements about making risotto. It turns out that there is a bit of a “hack” for making it with less effort: the Instant Pot. The Instant Pot has been a pretty awesome purchase for us after only a few uses. It took the entire arm workout aspect out of risotto making and honestly came out really very well. The nice thing with the Instant Pot was being able to do the very simple and quick prep phase and then just letting the machine take care of actually cooking the rice. I was concerned that it would really work out and would be…

  • Instant Pot Rotisserie Chicken
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    Instant Pot “Rotisserie” Chicken

    Thanks to some Christmas gift cards, I decided to take the plunge and buy an Instant Pot! I had been holding off for a while despite the hype as I just hadn’t convinced myself it would be useful. In the end, I really looked at what it is that I am cooking and how I could adapt for the Instant Pot. Rob and I thought through a bunch of recipes, and ultimately we came to a decision to get one. For reference, we got a Duo Plus60 from Williams-Sonoma. The 6 quart is the right size since its just the two of us 90% of the time. The biggest thing…