• Green Bean Casserole
    Dinner,  Side Dish,  Thanksgiving,  Vegetable

    Green Bean Casserole

    This is not your traditional green bean casserole, and many people may not even consider it one.  But I wanted to try and make a richer flavor profile while keeping the classic look.    I make mine using something very similar to a mac-and-cheese base.  I start with a roux, add some milk, and melt in some gruyere cheese to really give it a unique flavor.  You could use other cheese options or even add some warm season spices to. While you could try and make your own crispy onions, store bought in this case are just way easier and consistent; no need to spend that effort. Store bought is…

  • Orange Tarragon Rainbow Carrots
    Side Dish,  Thanksgiving,  Vegetable

    Orange Tarragon Rainbow Carrots

    I really love rainbow carrots, they add a fun pop of color variation that makes them look great.  The purple ones are especially fun as the color changes inside so it provides even more visual interest.  For this recipe, I wanted a bright, fresh note to go with some of the more savory sides and turkey for Thanksgiving.  To do that, I added Tarragon, which has become one of my favorite herbs, and some orange to tie it in with my turkey recipe. What I really love about these carrots is that they are the easiest side to whip up last minute while you let your turkey rest for your…

  • Fig Balsamic Brussels Sprouts
    Side Dish,  Vegetable

    Fig Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

    Somehow Brussels Sprouts have gotten a bad reputation.  I think it may be memories of poorly prepared sprouts that just didn’t taste (or likely smell) good.  When prepared well, brussels sprouts are awesome and can be prepared in a variety of ways to suit many tastes.  I personally like mine sautéed in a hot cast iron skillet in rendered down pancetta.  They get that great browning and slight char while the pancetta fat helps to cut back on that harsh flavor that seems to have given them a bad name. While you can use regular balsamic just fine for cooking these, I happened to have a bottle of fig infused…

  • Roasted Parsnips Puree
    Side Dish,  Thanksgiving,  Vegetable

    Roasted Parsnips Puree

    Parsnips are one of those under-rated root veggies, but I love them. We actually figured out that we liked them while making a beef stew at a cooking class. We had never really thought about them too much, as they don’t feature prominently, but we found out that we were really missing out on their great flavor. They have a slightly woody flavor that is really different than anything like potatoes or carrots that makes them a fun alternative. What I love about this puree is that it makes for an interesting substitute for mashed potatoes or as a base for other veggies or meat. Another perk is that you…