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    Life Update

    Hey everyone, its Amy! I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these uncertain times. I figured some effectively forced time at home was a good driver to get the blog going again. So, this post serves as a bit of a catch-up and reintroduction of sorts. I have taken a bit of a hiatus from blogging since around October last year. Things got pretty hectic, there were some big changes, and we shifted priorities for a time away from blogging. I think this time away has helped me in a number of ways. To be honest, keeping up the blog had been a bit tiring. We had been…

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    Sonoma, CA Travel Guide

    After Disneyworld, Sonoma is my favorite vacation spot. What’s not to love about wine and relaxation! Rob and I have ben a few times now and honestly have never had the same experience twice. We have stayed at several hotels now, tried a lot of wineries, and found some great food options. Now, I get share some of those with all of you. First, let me start by saying that Sonoma is a pretty big county. It can take several hours to drive all over it and in that time you can see mountains, beaches, wine country, and as many different temperatures/weather patterns. So, keep that in mind if you…

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    Walt Disney World: Part 2

    This is part 2 of my Disney World Vacation Guide. Like part 1, this will be a little longer and focuses on the remaining 3 parks and the Disney Springs area. Magic Kingdom First, up is the classic, ultimate park for a Disney nerd. Its got everything that you look for in a Disney park: a castle, fireworks, characters, Main Street, etc. If you can’t find something there for you, well then you are beyond help. If you are going to WDW, definitely make sure you have set aside a solid day and half for the Magic Kingdom. There are so many rides and other things to do, that you…

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    Walt Disney World: Part 1

    I apologize upfront, but this is going to be pretty long, I love Disney and there is a lot to share. In this post, I am focusing on general Disney World, the hotel, and EPCOT. Part 2 will focus on the remaining parks and Disney Springs. Disney World is probably my all-time favorite vacation destination. I have been going routinely since I was a kid. I since have shared my love of WDW with Rob, who never went as a kid. Rob and I actually got engaged in Disney World and we have basically been at least once a year since we got married. What I love about Disney World,…

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    San Francisco Travel Highlights – Feb 2019

    This trip was almost what you would call “spur of the moment.”  I got a somewhat last minute opportunity (about 2 weeks notice) to go to a training for work at the Oracle corporate offices.  Thankfully, Rob was able to take some time off and fly out to meet me and have a long weekend in San Francisco.  We have been to the area several times (and will be going back for a more wine country focused trip this summer) and love the area.  We wanted to highlight some old favorites and some new finds as part of this short trip. As is becoming our norm, we went into this…

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    NYC January 2019 Highlights

    Rob and I took the train up to New York City for a short (basically 24 hours in the city), the main focus was to see Sara Bareilles in the lead role in Waitress.  This was a somewhat spur of the moment decision right before Christmas, we had seen the show before and loved it and jumped at the opportunity.  Honestly, this is one of the base parts of living in the DC area and the East Cost, in general; you can really easily get to so many great place easily.  Within 4 hours you can get to Pittsburgh, Philly, NYC, Baltimore, among other places.  These all have a unique…