Chicken Pot Pie
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Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Pot Pies are one of my favorite comfort food meals. There is even a food truck that sometimes comes by my office that specializes in pot pies!! Thankfully, I have converted Rob into a big fan. Not that he wasn’t before, but now he actually requested this one.

I was working on how to make this easier since having to cook chicken on top of everything else would have been a lot. I decided to go with a rotisserie chicken which takes care of the cooking and adds some base flavor. A basic herb-roasted chicken was perfect and thankfully you can find them for cheap at most grocery stores.

The pot pie dough was homemade and frozen from a previous pot pie recipe. Its pretty easy to make, but if you want to use a store bought pie dough or puff pastry it works just as well. The key to using pie dough is to make sure you leave some overlap around the edge so you can seal it up. Also, make sure to cut some slits in it to release pressure or you very well may end up with a pot pie explosion.

One nice thing about pot pie is that the mixture can be made in advanced and stored. If you want you can also assemble the whole thing and freeze it to make it a true freezer meal. You can precook it, but keep in mind that the crust will basically turn into a cracker instead of a more flaky soft crust.

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Wine Pairing: Arrowood Sauv Blanc

Arrowood is definitely a red wine focused winery; however, they make a few really great whites in their line up. Their Sauvignon Blanc is one of my favorites. Its a really crisp, easy to drink white wine that pairs perfectly with something like a pot pie. The contrast between a light wine and the hearty meat pie works well. The other great thing about this wine is that for a high quality, non-distributed wine the price point is pretty good. Its still a special occasion white though, I wouldn’t drink it for a Netflix & chill kind of night.


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