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Cooking Technique: Pan Sauce

If I had to choose one recipe to make without knowing who I was making it for or why I was making it it would be Chicken with a pan sauce.  Not only is it super easy to make and a crowdpleaser (even the pickiest of eaters will like it) but it is elegant on its own, you can serve it at a formal dinner party.  

The other great thing?  Pan Sauce is a dish you can experiment with once you have the technique down.  You can vary it up with your favorite flavors.  I love adding dijon mustard, garlic or different herbs like thyme or rosemary to vary up the flavor profile.  You could even replace the chicken with pork if that is what you have in your refrigerator.  

This recipe is proof that once you master technique you can start creating your own recipes so you and your family will never feel like you’re having the same chicken recipe night after night.


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