ina garten green bean gremolata
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Side Dish

Ina Garten’s Green Beans Gremolata

Upfront, since this is Ina’s recipe I will not post the recipe here but I will give everyone the link to this awesome side dish.

Ina Garten makes some of my favorite recipes and I have often used them as a jumping off point for new flavors. What I really love though are some of her side dishes. I often feel that I struggle to come up with creative side dish ideas. Thankfully, Ina’s cookbooks tend to provide a lot of really awesome ideas to replicate to build on. My favorite part of her recipes is that they tend to look really pretty too.

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When trying to decide on a side, green Beans are one of my favorite veggies. You can prepare them in many styles and when cooked to my liking they provide a nice textural crunch. I often like to pair them with other textural elements like crispy onion/shallot or nuts. For whatever reason, this is just such a natural pairing. Think about dishes like almandine or even green been casserole.

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This Gremolata version requires a little more effort, but it feels correspondingly more special. Toasting the nuts takes a few extra minutes that you need to make sure you account for in your cooking. We realized this because Rob’s fish took almost no time and I was not ready. I also decided not to precook the green bean since I like them with a good crunch and its too easy to overcook them otherwise.

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I did modify Ina’s recipe a little bit to add some panko and red pepper flake to give some more crunch and give it a bit of a kick. Overall, this made for a super flavorful side dish that provided a good flavor and textural contrast to fish.


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