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A cook it nothing without their tools.

A cook’s tools are very important and you need some basics to effectively cook in the kitchen.  I believe you don’t need the most expensive stuff out there, but a good mix of cookware types and materials helps to suite different cooking methods and styles.  It’s important to have this variety as many recipes require multiple dishes or just cook better in different pots or pans.  For example, reducing a sauce is easier in a wide pan with gently sloped walls, while braising is better in a deeper, more vertical walled pan.

Almost as important as the tools themselves, is knowing how to cook with the tools you have in your kitchen.  Understanding how your oven or stove heats your pots and pans is key.  Cooking to hot or cold can significantly impact your food and cookware.  Whatever your style or budget, there is cookware out there for you; just make sure you learn its nuances.  Metals like stainless steel or aluminum heat and cool much more quickly, but are somewhat prone to hot spots; while cast iron heats evenly but more slowly (similarly it cools slower so food keeps cooking and stays warm longer).

Below are some of my favorite kitchen tools that I use in my kitchen on a day-to-day basis.

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