• pasta bake

    Easy Pasta Bake

    I love an easy Pasta Bake. They aren’t fancy or complicated, but they can taste really good. It’s an easy weeknight meal that can either feed a family of 6 or be dinner, lunch, and dinner again for 2. There are not many other types of dishes that really pull that off. For this Pasta Bake, I was aiming for a little spicier than my usual pasta sauce. I found this new pasta sauce at Whole Food (which was on sale, thank you Amazon Prime discounts). What caught my eye was that one of the ingredients was Calabrian Chili. I haven’t used those before, but I thought it could be…

  • baked ziti

    Skillet Baked Ziti

    Rob and I came up with this Baked Ziti recipe to give us an easy post-travel dinner. I wanted to get the general feel of baked ziti without the need for a separate casserole dish and an egg-based cheese mix. It worked out perfectly when we gave it an inaugural run, when Rob came home from a full week of work travel. The main benefit of this recipe is next to no real prep work. I just had to chop some fennel and mince garlic. Otherwise, I used some “cheat” ingredients like jarred pasta sauce. I do add some of my own flavor to the recipe, but after being out…

  • Apple Crumb Cake
    Baked Good

    Apple Crumb Cake w/ Bourbon Vanilla Glaze

    This Apple Crumb Cake is the perfect fall baked good that can serve as breakfast or dessert, because who doesn’t love cake, apples, and warm spices in the fall.  It has the warmth of a breakfast cake with the sweetness of a dessert, you can eat it any time of day!!   If you can’t tell from my blog, I tend to focus more on cooking than baking.  Generally, I find that baking requires a lot more precision and makes experimenting a bit more difficult.  That is where this recipe comes in, I can really adjust the spice mix and place around with the apple preparation to give it a…