• bacon wrapped meatloaf

    Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

    Is there anything more classically American than a meatloaf (aside from maybe lemonade)? Well, what if you wrap that in bacon!! We stocked up on a bunch of ground meat for dinner options and we had bought a pack of bacon as a breakfast option. We were trying to figure out what to do with it all because we wanted to get that used up sooner. After bouncing around a few ideas that mostly focused on rendering the bacon, bacon wrapped meatloaf popped into our head. Rob had wanted to make meatloaf from the start since it makes for a good make ahead lunch, so this flowed nicely from that.…

  • Mustard Shallot Meatloaf

    Mustard Shallot Meatloaf

    I grew up on meatloaf, it was one of my Grandmom’s signature recipes. While I will always love her meatloaf recipe because it reminds me of home, I wanted to experiment a bit with the flavor profile to make it my own. Meatloaf is actually a great canvas for experimenting, because when you really think about it, its just a huge meatball! My take on meatloaf is a light, juicy, super flavorful take using two of my favorites: mustard and shallot. It’s a perfect fall or winter weeknight dish, for when all you want is some simple comfort food. I also make mine with a mix of veal or pork…