• milanese pesto caprese

    Milanese with Pesto & Caprese

    So tonight’s post doesn’t really have a recipe with, but combines a few of my favorites from the blog for a nice, cohesive plating. The recipes for tonight are my Chicken Milanese (link here) and a variety of Pesto (links here, here, and here, if you can’t tell I like pesto). Separately, these make for great, versatile elements of a meal; combined they make for an excellent easy meal. When trying to come up with a cohesive meal, my general approach looks to versatile techniques that can be adapted easily. This way I am able to weave common flavors throughout the plate. Most of the time a good meal pairing…

  • basil pesto pasta

    Classic Basil Pesto

    I have probably posted 2 or 3 different kinds of pesto on the blog now, but I have yet to post about simple classic Basil Pesto. Basil is pretty much the standard and produces a fresh, bright flavored pesto that is perfect for a summer day. Its light, pretty healthy and tasty, so what’s not to love? Our AeroGarden basil plants had started getting a little out of control; so Rob basically harvested every decent basil leaf from them to make the pesto. We ended up with a pretty big pile of leaves (which in reality isn’t all that much). The nice thing was we new the basil was fresh…

  • spinach mint pesto
    Dinner,  Lunch

    Spinach-Mint Pesto

    Who doesn’t like pesto? Its super flavorful and easy, but the real benefit: you can make so many different variations to give different flavors. This version was made for a weekend lunch and the goal was a light clean flavor. We went with a slight variation to our normal green mix to get that flavor. Traditionally, pesto is basil-based; basil is a very bold flavor and it has a tendency to change color quickly. Sometimes I like the basil flavor, but I wanted something a little more neutral. One of my other common greens is arugula. It provides a natural spiciness that gives pesto a great flavor. For a light…

  • Dinner

    Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Tortellini

    This pasta was something that we came up with pretty much on a whim. Rob and I were texting over the course of the day trying to figure out what we wanted for dinner. We knew we wanted pasta and I gave Rob two thoughts: sun-dried tomato and stuff pasta. He filled in the blanks with using some arugula we had on hand to make pesto and combining that with a cream sauce. I love that he also has a mind for food, even if he doesn’t like cooking so much himself. This was an overall very simple recipe concept but it had so much flavor. I actually based he…

  • Pesto with Bucatini

    Arugula-Spinach Pesto with Bucatini

    Pesto is one of those super simple but massively flavorful and versatile recipes. You can literally throw it on just about anything and it is good. Whether is chicken, pasta, or bread, you really can’t go wrong. Classically, pesto is basil and pine nuts with some other standard ingredients (you know olive oil, garlic, lemon, and parmesan). Throw everything into a food processor and ta-da! What is great about pesto is that it can be varied in so many ways to create unique flavors. I have seen and made many different variants over time including kale, mint, and parsley. For this version, I wanted a unique flavor so I went…