• spicy pepperoni sausage pizza

    Spicy Pepperoni-Sausage Pizza

    This pizza is a homemade homage to a few of our favorite eat out pizza options. If you ever find yourself in the DC area, there are two really good local pizza favorites: Matchbox and All Purpose. They are in many ways similar in there pizza styles; generally thinner crust, wood-fired, and using high quality toppings in great combinations. Definitely check them out if you visit, you can’t go wrong and each have a few locations. Our go to pizza tends to be a a sausage and pepperoni combo. Matchbox has a fairly standard one that meats this with spicy Italian Sausage (actually pretty mild to me). All Purpose adds…

  • stromboli

    Pepperoni Stromboli

    I have always liked Stromboli. Its a lot like pizza but in many ways even easier. Its one of those things that you can throw together in less than 10 minutes but you can use to feed a pretty large number of people if needed. If you are like me and you have pizza dough in your freezer, just in case. For stromboli, you can just roll out the dough into any roughly rectangular shape. We ended up doing a bit of a braided approach; this not only looks nice, but allows it to vent a bit. I went really simple with some jarred marinara, big pepperoni, and a standard…

  • spicy sausage pizza
    Dinner,  Lunch

    Spicy Sausage Pizza

    This pizza is an amalgamation of different ideas we got when watching the Food Network. I can’t say that I really watch Food Network to directly make the recipes. But, you can learn a lot about new ingredients or techniques. This is primarily based on two very different hosts: Ina Garten and Giada De Laurentiis. Ina is honestly where I get some of my best recipe inspiration from. I love many of her recipes which have been a great jumping off point. Giada is an interesting cooking show host. She is actually a pretty good cook and has been a good way to find some ingredients. Generally though, her recipes…

  • buratta pizza

    Pancetta-Burrata White Pizza

    I really love experimenting with pizza flavors. I find that a white/oil based pizza really opens up the possibilities for that since its a bit more of a blank canvas. I love trying to mix up the cheese options and play with the meat and other topics to come up with unique variations. This pizza was the result of a “what do we have in the fridge so that we don’t need to go to the store for lunch” pizza. I know that is a bit of a mouthful, but those meals sometimes just happen. I love to just work with what I have sometimes. There are those times where…

  • BBQ Chicken Pizza
    Dinner,  Lunch

    BBQ Chicken Pizza

    This BBQ Chicken Pizza was pretty new for us. Rob is typically not a big fan of what you might call “adventurous” pizza, but he loved this one. Overall, I love the way this one came out, it didn’t really feel that different than a traditional pizza thanks to the tomato-based BBQ sauce. I used my new standard bread flour-based pizza dough for this pizza. Rolled out nice and thin, it made for a nice crispy crust that held up well. This is definitely a pizza that is perfect for a party situation when cut into smaller pieces. It doesn’t flop around and combines a lot of classic party flavors…

  • Pizza
    Dinner,  Lunch

    Brussels Sprout and Caramelized Red Onion Pizza

    Now that I have found a pizza dough recipe I really like, I am starting to experiment a bit more with my toppings.  This one is a new take on an older recipe but adds in several new toppings that I haven’t used before plus a really great cheese blend.  Honestly, I couldn’t really fit all of the appropriate descriptors for this pizza in the title.  I don’t think “Four Cheese-Brussels Sprout-Caramelized Red Onion-Pancetta Pizza” is a good post title.  So, I shortened it, but the long version is really what it is. I wanted to add red onion, but Rob wasn’t a big fan of the idea of just…

  • Classic Pepperoni Pizza
    Basics,  Dinner

    Classic Pepperoni Pizza

    This Pepperoni Pizza is in theory really simple; however, it represents the culmination of a lot of research on how to make my pizza dough better.  I had been pretty dissatisfied with the recent performance of my old dough recipe.  I can’t say I was really doing anything differently.  However, I found it difficult to work with and was getting almost exclusive cracker thin crust.  So, I did a lot of searching to try and find a solution.  Thankfully, I did!!  The basic technique is one from Bobby Flay. The key is to use bread flour.  Bread flour is different than all-purpose or my traditional 00 (double zero) flour.  It has…

  • Chorizo Pizza
    Dinner,  Lunch

    Chorizo and Corn Pizza

    I love playing around with pizza flavors (check out another option here).  This Chorizo and Corn Pizza was the result of a brainstorming session with Rob on how to combine Mexican flavors in a new way.  Honestly, I love this kind of cooking when you can merge two very different culinary styles into one awesome meal! We both quickly settled on Chorizo as the meat base for this pizza and then thought about the cheese combo.  We wanted to use a melty cheese that wasn’t mozzarella, as it just didn’t quite fit.  In the end, jack and cotija came to our minds, the jack filling in the melty role while…

  • Brussels Sprout and Pancetta Pizza

    Brussels Sprout and Pancetta Pizza

    This pizza recipe was heavily inspired by one that Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking posted on her website; we ended up doing our own variation of the general idea based on what we happened to have in our fridge at the time.  My husband had just bought some brussels sprouts at our local farmer’s market yesterday so this jumped out at me as a good new way to use them!  We had some pancetta and goat cheese based on other recipes we have cooked recently and decided to sub in those elements as replacements.  We combined this with our normal peppery garlic pizza oil recipe and my favorite thin…

  • Grilled Pizza Flatbreads

    Grilled Pizza Flatbreads

    Grilled pizza flatbreads are the perfect way to make pizza on a hot summer day.  The only time I used the oven for the recipe below was to make the crust.  After the crust was finished, all you need to do is add your toppings.  Grilled pizza is so versatile, I have made it using the recipe below but I have also made it by using a variety of ingredients.  It is a great way to repurpose leftovers; like one I made with pulled pork topped with corn salad that was leftover from dinner earlier in the week.   Flatbread are also perfect for a weeknight meal but also for appetizers…