• pasta bake

    Easy Pasta Bake

    I love an easy Pasta Bake. They aren’t fancy or complicated, but they can taste really good. It’s an easy weeknight meal that can either feed a family of 6 or be dinner, lunch, and dinner again for 2. There are not many other types of dishes that really pull that off. For this Pasta Bake, I was aiming for a little spicier than my usual pasta sauce. I found this new pasta sauce at Whole Food (which was on sale, thank you Amazon Prime discounts). What caught my eye was that one of the ingredients was Calabrian Chili. I haven’t used those before, but I thought it could be…

  • Chorizo Skillet Nachos
    Cocktails,  Dinner

    Chorizo Skillet Nachos

    I love nachos, I mean who doesn’t, its chips with cheese and meat! I’ve found recently that I love using Chorizo sausage for the meat. It tastes awesome while having the perk of not really needing a lot of extra ingredients to add flavor. Chorizo has all the spice it needs and I typically just add a few ingredients to round out the dish. My go to add ins for chorizo nachos are yellow onion, diced tomato, charred poblano pepper, and grilled corn. The texture and flavors don’t try to compete with the chorizo but complement it perfectly. The benefit to all of these ingredients except for the poblano is…

  • Sausage Bolognese

    Easy Sausage Bolognese

    This Easy Sausage Bolognese is a one of my favorite weeknight go-to meals.  Its hearty, flavorful, and can be thrown together in about 30 minutes.  I have made many different versions of this to vary up the flavors but this is the one I have settled on as my favorite.  Its a little spicy and perfectly creamy. I will admit that this Bolognese is not exactly the most traditional preparation.  A traditional bolognese takes a while to cook and requires a lot of ingredients.  This recipe saves a lot of time since I cheat and just use jarred tomato sauce.  While I often really like traditional cooking methods, I love…

  • penne sausage vodka sauce

    Sausage and Penne with Vodka Sauce

    Penne with Vodka Sauce is a pretty classic Italian-American pasta recipe.  It makes for a great weeknight, family-style meal and is recognizable to most people by its distinctive sauce color.  Vodka sauce really makes sense from a culinary stance.  Alcohol helps to bring out flavors, and  vodka is pretty high in alcohol itself with almost no flavor.  This combines to really highlight natural flavors in the tomato sauce without adding a lot of competing flavor.  In general, I really like cooking with alcohol; there are so many kinds, flavors, and uses.  Unfortunately for vodka, not having any flavor of its own limits it to more specific uses like this one…

  • Stuffed Acorn Squash

    Stuffed Roasted Acorn Squash

    I love cooking in the fall-winter season as you start seeing winter squash EVERYWHERE (kubocha, spaghetti, celebration, acorn, butternut, etc.).  There is such a variety in shapes, colors and uses that there is an option for almost any situation.  One of my favorites is Acorn Squash.  Acorn squash in particular is awesome as it serves as an edible bowl when roasted.  While this is true for most winter squash, acorn squash has the distinction of being almost exactly the right size for a single serving.  This makes it a perfect weeknight meal option or fun way to wow guests when they get to dig into their personal bowl. These also…

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