• moroccan roast chicken

    Moroccan Roasted Chicken

    If you can’t tell from my recipes on here, I really love a roast chicken. I guess Ina Garten and I have that in common. To me, a roast chicken is the ultimate canvas for experimentation. For this one, I decided to go with a Moroccan-inspired spice mix. I really wanted to go with a different flavor than I had made up to this point. And this definitely delivered! For my spice blend, I went with a lot of warm spices like cumin, turmeric, paprika, coriander, and cinnamon. I loved the flavor and the aroma, it was very unique. It had the slightest hint of spiciness but by no means…

  • Dinner,  Side Dish

    Dijon-Crusted Rack of Lamb

    So, I will start by saying that this Dijon-Crusted Rack of Lamb was largely Rob’s creation; he even did the cooking. Its always nice when I can take a night off and let him do the work, it makes for a very romantic date night. In fact, many of our big weekend date night-in meals are his creations. There isn’t much better than a husband who can prepare a nice dinner is there? This kind of recipe is really Rob’s bread and butter though. Its overall very simple to make but really deep in flavor and textural elements. Rob definitely tends to stay away from complex techniques but roasting meat…

  • Chorizo Skillet Nachos
    Cocktails,  Dinner

    Chorizo Skillet Nachos

    I love nachos, I mean who doesn’t, its chips with cheese and meat! I’ve found recently that I love using Chorizo sausage for the meat. It tastes awesome while having the perk of not really needing a lot of extra ingredients to add flavor. Chorizo has all the spice it needs and I typically just add a few ingredients to round out the dish. My go to add ins for chorizo nachos are yellow onion, diced tomato, charred poblano pepper, and grilled corn. The texture and flavors don’t try to compete with the chorizo but complement it perfectly. The benefit to all of these ingredients except for the poblano is…

  • NY Strip

    NY Strip Steak with Cabernet-Dijon Reduction

    I love a good NY Strip Steak. They are juice, have excellent natural flavor, and are easy to find at reasonable prices. All of this makes the NY Strip my favorite cut. I personally think a significantly cheeper NY Strip is better than almost any filet. While tender, filet just does not have what is needed to give it a lot of natural flavor. As usual, I prepared the steak in a cast iron skillet as we do not have easy access to a grill. While our apartment does have communal grills, in the winter it is just not fun to have to go use them. Further, I prefer the…

  • caramelized onion roast pork
    Basics,  Dinner

    Technique: Caramelized Onions with Roasted Pork Chop

    Let me just start by saying that Caramelized Onions are absolutely awesome!! Rob, who is a self-proclaimed onion hater, actually loves these and will eat them out of the pan by themselves! If that doesn’t say something I don’t know what does. Caramelized onions were definitely a bit daunting and they do require a little bit of trial and error to get them right. I practiced a few times to get the technique down with my particular stove and cookware. That being said they never turned out bad, they tasted awesome but just weren’t 100%. These also do take a little bit of time to make so be prepared to…

  • Dinner

    Butter Basted Steak

    Butter Basted Steak is a classic culinary technique that doesn’t take schooling to master but looks super fancy and you can do so much with it. The key is a screaming hot skillet and an oil with a high smoke point (grapeseed and avocado are favorites). Classically, this is done with a simply seasoned steak and classic French herbs, but I wanted to do a Tex-Mex twist with it. The nice thing about preparing steak this way is that you can control the heat better than on a grill and you get a uniform crust without the risk of the harsh flame char you can get from grill flare ups.…

  • Spatchcock Chicken

    Technique: Spatchcock Chicken

    Spatchcock chicken is a great skill to master, it makes cooking a chicken much easier and faster (almost 2x faster than roasting a whole chicken). This is method likely not for the squeamish and requires a bit of elbow grease (its not too hard just some effort).  I honestly love this for weeknight meals, its quick to prepare and allows you to work out some frustration in the kitchen. These are the basic instructions you need to follow to spatchcock any poultry, but step by step instructions with video can be found online and are worth reviewing prior to doing this the first time.  One thing I recommend that not…

  • Orange Tarragon Rainbow Carrots
    Side Dish,  Thanksgiving,  Vegetable

    Orange Tarragon Rainbow Carrots

    I really love rainbow carrots, they add a fun pop of color variation that makes them look great.  The purple ones are especially fun as the color changes inside so it provides even more visual interest.  For this recipe, I wanted a bright, fresh note to go with some of the more savory sides and turkey for Thanksgiving.  To do that, I added Tarragon, which has become one of my favorite herbs, and some orange to tie it in with my turkey recipe. What I really love about these carrots is that they are the easiest side to whip up last minute while you let your turkey rest for your…

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