• NY Strip Fajita

    New York Strip “Fajitas”

    These are not what you’d call traditional fajitas, but we were looking to mix up our Mexican-inspired menu a bit. We have done plenty of taco/enchilada variants so it was time for something along the vein of Taco Tuesday, just elevated. Enter this awesome New York Strip recipe. Rob really took the lead for the steak, as usual. It’s something he really enjoys cooking and experimenting with, so I am going to let him keep going with it. The steak cooking technique is old-school European in style. Rob took the traditional French butter basting technique but added a lot of Mexican inspired flavor. First was the spice rub for the…

  • cheesesteak crostini

    Cheesesteak Crostini

    This might be my absolutely, all-time favorite happy hour snack!! I am a true Philly girl at heart and that means cheesesteaks are near and dear. Now, turn a cheesesteak into an awesome appetizer and I am in heaven. Cheesesteaks eggrolls are really common, but when Rob and I had a date night out the other day, I saw something new. Cheesesteak Crostini!! We didn’t end up ordering them at the time, but I decided that is something I wanted to try out myself. Thankfully, Rob and I had picked up some perfect ingredients a few days earlier. Trader Joe’s sells thinly shaved beef in a nice vacuum sealed package.…

  • tri tip taco instant pot
    Dinner,  Instant Pot

    Instant Pot Tri Tip Tacos

    I finally have another Taco Tuesday post for you all!! This time its a super easy tri tip taco made easy with the Instant Pot. It’s got loads of flavor, is super tender, and requires minimal effort. Rob and I made one of our not so common trips to Trader Joe’s recently. I love Trader Joe’s, you can find some great stuff for pretty cheap, its just not a particularly convenient location for us so our trips are somewhat more sporadic. On this particular trip, we spotted some vacuum sealed tri tip roast and decided to give it a try. Tri Tip comes from the sirloin of a cow and…

  • french skillet steak

    French Skillet Steak

    Its been a little while since we made a steak and we felt like having a bit of a special dinner in. Rob has been prepping steaks with a lot of reduction sauces and we wanted to mix it up. This time around, Rob went back to the classic butter basting technique and an multi-herb aoli for topping. While grilling steak can be fun, I have really grown to love the skillet. The crust that you form with this method really adds a nice texture. Even more than the texture, if really helps to lock in the juices. The butter basting adds a nice little bit of flavor at the…

  • steak tacos

    Flank Steak Tacos with Corn-Avocado Salsa

    Its almost Cinco de Mayo and that obviously means its time for a taco post. Flank or skirt steak remains one of my favorite taco meats. Its flavorful and easy to cook. For this one, I went with a pretty traditional fajita mix for the seasoning. I have gotten this spice mix down and didn’t really feel like messing with a good thing. The real highlight of these tacos is the Corn-Avocado Salsa. Roasted corn and avocado provide a really nice flavor and textural contrast that really enhances the taco experience. This was also the first time we tried queso blanco as our cheese topping instead of Cotija. I am…

  • ny strip steak fig balsamic

    Skillet NY Strip with Balsamic-Fig Reduction

    Rob has been on fire recently with his recipe ideas. He has come up with a couple of different ways to make a Skillet Steak with a sauce. This was something that Rob had been talking about cooking for a while, but we hadn’t really gotten around to it. We ended up having a couple of opportunities pop up recently for celebratory or date night dinners. These steak recipes fit the occasions perfectly. Like I said, Rob did all of the cooking. He made the steak with a fairly simple preparation. Start by searing in a skillet on each side to lock in the flavor and then stick in the…

  • NY Strip

    NY Strip Steak with Cabernet-Dijon Reduction

    I love a good NY Strip Steak. They are juice, have excellent natural flavor, and are easy to find at reasonable prices. All of this makes the NY Strip my favorite cut. I personally think a significantly cheeper NY Strip is better than almost any filet. While tender, filet just does not have what is needed to give it a lot of natural flavor. As usual, I prepared the steak in a cast iron skillet as we do not have easy access to a grill. While our apartment does have communal grills, in the winter it is just not fun to have to go use them. Further, I prefer the…

  • Steak Fajitas

    Skirt Steak Fajitas

    Fajitas are so easy to make and scale really well so you can feed just about any size group simply.  They make a great weeknight meal or a great party dish.  They are also really versatile and can be enjoyed as rice bowl toppings, in tacos, or enchiladas. I have recently become a big fan of the weeknight rice bowl meal and fajitas are a perfect protein for one.  They are quick to whip and and can be cut to mix well with the rice so you can get an easy, complete bite! I like mine with a hint of smokiness from chipotle powder.  You can easily make these a…

  • Dinner

    Butter Basted Steak

    Butter Basted Steak is a classic culinary technique that doesn’t take schooling to master but looks super fancy and you can do so much with it. The key is a screaming hot skillet and an oil with a high smoke point (grapeseed and avocado are favorites). Classically, this is done with a simply seasoned steak and classic French herbs, but I wanted to do a Tex-Mex twist with it. The nice thing about preparing steak this way is that you can control the heat better than on a grill and you get a uniform crust without the risk of the harsh flame char you can get from grill flare ups.…

  • Dinner

    Peach-Bourbon Glazed Skirt Steak

    This Glazed Skirt Steak recipe is my take on a Tyler Florence recipe.  Recently there was a Tyler Florence episode on TV where he made a Hawaiian Style steak using two different methods.  Grilling both, he marinated one before cooking and added a glaze to the other during the cooking process.  The difference between how the steaks turned out was amazing; the steak with the glaze was cooked more evenly and came out so much juicier than the marinated steak.  Maybe I am just a cooking nerd but I would much rather watch a show demonstrating how to cook then how to make a single recipe.  After watching this episode, I wanted to test…