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    Summery Bolognese 3.0

    As this is now my third version (Versions 1 and 2 are available HERE and HERE) of what might as well be a series on Bolognese, it should be clear that I love a good pasta sauce. I mean really whats not to love about a flavorful bolognese and pasta when you want an easy, low fuss dinner. As a result, I have made many varieties over the years to suite almost any situations. This particular version was born out of a desire to use ingredients we had on hand from a variety of store runs before they went bad. So we had a bunch of ground meats, some stuffed…

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    Brown Butter Cream Sauce Pasta

    I have to say Rob has been on fire with his recipe ideas recently, this Brown Butter Cream Sauce Pasta being the most recent. Not sure where the idea came from (he’s not either), but it was a real winner. It reminded both of us of a cream sauce pasta from one of our favorite Italian restaurants in Old Town Alexandria, VA. That dish is a cheese stuffed pasta with a rich creamy sauce that is deceptively filling (maybe get 6 pieces of pasta, but its enough). I know I’ve seen brown butter used in a lot of baking recipes recently but not as much in the general cooking arena.…

  • Dinner

    Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Tortellini

    This pasta was something that we came up with pretty much on a whim. Rob and I were texting over the course of the day trying to figure out what we wanted for dinner. We knew we wanted pasta and I gave Rob two thoughts: sun-dried tomato and stuff pasta. He filled in the blanks with using some arugula we had on hand to make pesto and combining that with a cream sauce. I love that he also has a mind for food, even if he doesn’t like cooking so much himself. This was an overall very simple recipe concept but it had so much flavor. I actually based he…