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    Sonoma, CA Travel Guide

    After Disneyworld, Sonoma is my favorite vacation spot. What’s not to love about wine and relaxation! Rob and I have ben a few times now and honestly have never had the same experience twice. We have stayed at several hotels now, tried a lot of wineries, and found some great food options. Now, I get share some of those with all of you. First, let me start by saying that Sonoma is a pretty big county. It can take several hours to drive all over it and in that time you can see mountains, beaches, wine country, and as many different temperatures/weather patterns. So, keep that in mind if you…

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    Walt Disney World: Part 1

    I apologize upfront, but this is going to be pretty long, I love Disney and there is a lot to share. In this post, I am focusing on general Disney World, the hotel, and EPCOT. Part 2 will focus on the remaining parks and Disney Springs. Disney World is probably my all-time favorite vacation destination. I have been going routinely since I was a kid. I since have shared my love of WDW with Rob, who never went as a kid. Rob and I actually got engaged in Disney World and we have basically been at least once a year since we got married. What I love about Disney World,…